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How to freshen up our space effortless and within a low budget?

With Cushions & Throws!!!

Just use our imagination to combine colors & fabrics, touches & style.  But remember…choose combinations that somehow mach with the rest of the space…

Have a look at the picture below.  There is a couch, surrounded by side tables & decorative objects.

COLOR:  A grayed jade throw topped with a similar color cushion with nectarine color knit.  They are all pantone 2013 colors.

STYLE:  Bright, fresh, summer look

MATCHES WITH:  The coral theme of the cushion matches colorwise & themewise with the paints.  And the grayed jade throw with the green base of the tree, because of their undertones.

Now, by changing only the throw and the cushion cover color we have a different style.

COLOR:  A Blue throw together with blue, red & skin-color cushions

STYLE:  Powerful, Intense, Winter

MATCHES WITH:  The blue & red of the cushions, with the picture frame colors.  The red of the cushions with the red of the tree.  And the skin color of the pillow with the wall color.

See how easy it is to freshen up our space.

And by refreshing our space, we freshen up our mood!!!

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