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Can I place different objects together? And yet create a matching result? Yes if…

I attended an event and ended up with an amazing big inflated ball.  I wanted to place it in my office. But how could I make it fit in my working environment?

By following two of the “safe rules”:

The first is that I placed it among other objects of similar colors:  The black-white-red ball was placed on top of black-white drawer units and near a black-white magazine file.

The second rule is that I placed all similar objects and added only one different.  The drawers and the magazine file are similar in terms of use (office) and shape (rectangle, straight lines).  So, one non-office object with curves can make the composition more interesting.

And that’s how I took a “safe risk” by placing a big inflatable ball in my working environment…  What do you think of the result?

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