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Black on Black

Should I place a totally black object on top of another totally black object?  The answer is NO!

Black is a very difficult color, because no two blacks are the same.  One might have a blue undertone, the next might have a green one, the next…

Moreover when the materials are different, the vibrance and the shine are different.

When it comes to black color, all the differences are emphasized more than in any other color.  That’s why by placing two blacks together, we emphasize this nearly close but not exactly the same, like “I nearly made it”.  And this is definitely not something we want.

So remember: “no Black on top of Black” is a rule we must always follow.

But today, let’s break the rule!

I have this set of cabinets in my office.  They are black, have strict lines and perfectly fit in the office.  I need them, like them, but they look too strict for my taste.

Instead of adding color and some objects to make them look friendlier, I decided to change their shape and turn them into a sculpture.

I placed this black ribbon lamp with that natural form, on top of the cabinets.  Both blacks have similar undertones and both shine.  So, they fit with each other.

We have created a new shape! You can’t tell where the cabinets end and where the lamp begins.  It looks as if the cabinets turn into a ribbon.  Or it looks as if there is a sculpture (the ribbon) on a big base (the cabinets).  Very minimalistic and sculptural!

Have a look from another angle:

That was risky, but I think I made it.  What do you think?

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