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It is old and it looks old, let’s throw it awayyyyyy…

It is old and it looks old, let’s through it awayyyyyy…

Or… keep it and freshen it up through a different styling…

What do you prefer?

One of my clients owns a fabric shop.  It was designed in the late 70s, early 80s by a well known Greek architect.  It was a very glamorous shop, with fine wooden installations for the fabrics and bronze and iron state of the art pieces.  But time passed by, and the shop became old.  And it looked old.

I was asked by my clients to freshen it up.  They wanted to through nearly everything away and create a modern, up-to-date environment.  While I was wandering around the shop to come up with ideas for my clients, I discovered some marvelous treasures that we could integrate in the renovated shop.

Here is a picture of the old shop.  Do you see the two round iron lights on the ceiling, surrounded by spotlights?

Have a closer look. They are part of the treasures.  This is what I call wonderful handmade ironwork: fine design, nice proportions and magnificent paint effect.

Now the question that arises is can we keep them?  If yes, how can we freshen them up?  But with a different  styling of course:

1) We adjusted them to a cylinder that was hanging from the ceiling.  That way we differentiated them from the ceiling’s surface and emphasized their shape.

2) We placed them in the center of the main ceiling’s nook and gave them the leading role.

3) We added up-lighting in the nook for a contemporary and fresh look.

Here is a picture from the installation.

And here is another picture where you can have a better idea of how they will look like after the completion of the project.

It perfectly fitted the renovated shop and my clients had a state of the art center piece and saved money from buying something new!

Isn’t it amazing how the same objects look different thanks to a different styling?

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